Mathias T. Eng

Founder & CEO

Mathias T. Eng is an expert for quality management systems and medical device regulations. Since 2001, he is working with medical devices and combination products in general and medical device software embedded into devices or as standalone applications (SaMD) in particular. He has been working for clients in the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries. Since 2007, Mathias is actively participating in building up, maintaining and teaching life science related modules for universities and other institutions.

Mathias T. Eng holds a master in computer science and a bachelor of science in civil and structural engineering. During his career, he worked 4 years as an engineer for medical device software, 3 years as a project manager for developing medical devices, 4 years as a member of the it-services team and 2 years as a leader of the it-services team at CSA Engineering AG. For 11 years he worked as a senior consultant and partner at confinis ag. In 2019 he founded QUAREGIA GmbH and in 2020 he founded PROREGIA AG.

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